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60% of our bodies, 70% of the world, raindrops, rivers, oceans, seas, lakes, pools, rivieras, beaches and waterfalls... water is all around us. It’s no surprise a modern women’s connection with water is what inspires us..., water is energy, water is life.

LeMar means “the sea” : “Le” is French for “the” and represents our dedication to style and sophistication and “Mar” is Spanish for “sea” and reflects our connection to water.

LeMar swimwear is designed for the modern women who lives a sophisticated lifestyle in and around water. Wether it sunbathing on a yacht, taking a stroll through the coast, or diving into an endless rooftop pool, LeMar Swimwear is the perfect companion.


LeMar Swimwear is based in Miami and is dedicated to creating unique swimwear and resort wear of the highest quality and design. The company's production process takes places in Medellin, Colombia, a leading city for textile manufacturing in Latin America, and follows the highest levels of international quality standards.

Our swimwear and resort wear are pieces prepared with hand-made elements and vibrant colors, We use hand-made elements such as ruches, lace, embroidery, ribbons, laser cuts, stamping, ruffles, and accessories. In addition, they create value by generating jobs for our suppliers who are all colombian artisans.


To our customers: To provide the highest quality of products through the combination of fabulous fabrics, superb patterns, and original designs.

To our partners: A genuine interest in building our business for a mutually beneficial 

To our team members: Provide a fun place to work while enhancing our quality of personal and professional lives.

To our community: To make a valuable contribution through responsable and ethical decisions.


Ever since i could remember i was fascinated with water. As a child growing up in Medellin, Colombia, i would spend hours splashing around the pool, surrounded with my friends and family. At the age of twelve my family moved to Miami, and this is where i began building a deeper connection with water. I spent my weekends tanning in the Miami sun, diving into the South Florida beaches and enjoying the waterside lifestyle of the sunshine state. After graduating high school, i knew i had to do something with my love for water.

I pursued a career in fashion design at the Fort Lauderdale Art Institute with the dream to become a swimwear designer, excelling in my swimwear design courses and always standing out with my unique designs and dedicated craftsmanship. I knew i had made the right choice and was closer to my dream.


During my college years i was able to set up a small studio in parents garage and began making and selling my own handmade swimsuits to close friends an family. In a matter of months, through word of mouth I was receivinig requests from people outside my personal network. My orders kept growing and i knew i could no longer keep up producing the swimsuits myself, so upon my graduation and with the help of my entrepreneurial husband i created LeMar in 2012. 





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